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Deborah Rhodes Table Linens

The Deborah Rhodes Collection is a contemporary tabletop line defined by its originality, elegance, and wit. If the collection were to be described in a simple phrase, it would be essential shape, explosive color. n 1997, Deborah originated a signature design in a round placemat made of braided nylon. It was a serendipitous synergy of the appearance of fine straw blended with extreme utility. This blending of simple elegance with ease of use is at the heart of the Deborah Rhodes Collection.

The line has grown to include a variety of unique shapes offered in more than one hundred vibrant colors. An extensive assortment of distinctive linens helps to complete a totally accessorized tabletop look. Deborah Rhodes’ unique braid has the look of fine straw but the durability to be submerged in mild soapy water for easy cleaning. Brown/Cream, Denim, Moss, Toast

  • Placemat - Round 15
  • Brown/Cream
  • Denim
  • Moss
  • Toast

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