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SFERRA Down Collection

Down Comforters. Five levels of amazing softness and warmth, all designed to cocoon you into the sweetest of dreams. We traveled the globe to bring you THE SFERRA DOWN COLLECTION, an amazing variety of down duvets and sleeping pillows.

The SFERRA down Collection is crafted of pure, natural down clusters that efficiently trap layers of air to insulate against the cold.    As a measure of thermal efficiency, the higher the fill power number, the greater its insulating properties.


All Duvets and Pillows come in Light, Medium and Heavy fill.

With so many luxurious down options to choose from, we’re sure to have something warm and wonderful for everyone.

  • Buxton Duvet: King, Queen, Twin - European Down
  • Somerset Duvet: King, Queen, Twin - Polish Down
  • Cornwall Duvet: King, Queen, Twin - Canadian Down
  • Utopia Duvet: King, Queen, Twin - Eiderdown
  • Buxton Pillow: King, Queen, Standard - European Down
  • Somerset Pillow: King, Queen, Standard - Polish Down
  • Cornwall Pillow: King, Queen, Standard - Canadian Down
  • Utopia Pillows: King, Queen Standard - Eiderdown

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