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Various Bedside Carafes

What a practical item to have at bedside. For purposes of multi-tasking, the carafe also works as a wine decanter at the dinner table. Juliska glass is mouth blown by artisans in the hills outside Prague. The techniques they use have been passed down through generations of skilled glassmakers. Working on each item in teams of three, these artisans have perfected a seamless sequence of motions to create the finished pieces. The unique composition of Juliska glass allows it to be blown especially thin, making the glass an unexpected pleasure to drink from and to handle. Being handmade, no two opieces of Juliska are identical. Each will have its own individual character – small bubbles, slight color and size variations. After successfully passing through a series of rigorous checks, each piece of Juliska is individually signed. Always demand this revered hallmark as your guarantee of its origin, authenticity and superior quality. Juliska glass is lead-free. Dishwasher-safe on a warm gentle cycle with mild detergent. Wash larger or highly decorated pieces by hand.

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